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    What is your employment status?
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    Are you at risk of redundancy?
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    If you are self-employed, do you know what your monthly income is now?
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    How would you describe your household income as a result of the coronavirus crisis?
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    Have you used any government financial support?
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    Are you behind with rent or mortgage payments?
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    Are you behind on any of these bills?

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    Have you taken out a payment break or holiday on loans or credit?

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    Will you struggle to make future repayments, or have you already missed one payment, on these loans or credit?

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    Have you been on a debt solution that has failed in the past 12 months?
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    Will you have to borrow more money to manage essential payments (like rent, food and bills) in the next few months?
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    Are you considering any of these ways to pay off debts or meet existing credit payments?

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    Are you thinking of cancelling or reducing insurance cover because you are worried about costs?
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    Are your money worries affecting your mental health?