Find out how much some of the essential things may cost you from birth through to baby’s first year.

Did you know that an average family spends nearly £9,500 on their baby in the first year, including childcare. What you spend may be more or less, depending on your childcare choices.

But even without childcare having a baby doesn’t come cheap. We all want the best for our baby, and we can show you how you can manage it without breaking your budget.

We’ve listed some of the essential things you’ll need for baby with their average costs, so use the calculator to pick and choose what you need and see what they’ll cost you.

And if it seems you can’t afford what you thought you wanted, you can change your choices to find something within your budget.

Firstly, you’ll need to know what you need to buy and whether you’re going to borrow things from family or friends.

Don’t forget!

The costs are only a guide based on our own research. You may be able to find things cheaper or dearer, or you may want things not in our calculator.

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We've estimated how much your baby could cost you through to their first birthday based on the options you've chosen. Look to see what we've included in the estimated costs � you can remove anything you don't want. Use the sliders to choose how much you want to spend in each area.
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